GreenHubAfrica & United Nations Information Centre

Day 1: Panel Discussions
Topic: Cleaning Up & the Circular Economy in a COVID World.
Day 2: Masterclass & Movie Documentary Review (The Story of Plastic)
Topic: Plastic Independence- A Freedom from Plastic Pollution

Upcoming Webinars/Panel Discussions and Masterclasses on Climate change

30th September & 1st of October 2020 | on ZOOM WEBINAR
14:00 WAT and 09:00 WAT Respectively


Working with the United Nations Information Centre, Greenhubafrica is pleased to offer this timely and valuable virtual webinar series.

Guest Panelists and Speakers Include:

Henry Bassey
(Founder, GreenHubAfrica & CEO Digibrands Limited)
Professor Ebohon
(Chairman Advisory Board, GHA)
Edward Kallon
UN Resident Coordinator and
Humanitarian Coordinator.
Mrs. Belinda Odeneye
Perm Sec. Lagos State MOE
Sybil Bullock
(Global Brand Audit Coordinator Break Free From Plastic )
Alkesh Thavrani
(MD Omnik Limited)

30th September & 1st of October 2020

Brilliant African Innovations Against Plastic Pollution

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